Legal Investigations
Our company offers investigative support for the legal profession and is experienced in conducting investigations for attorneys and law firms throughout the New England area; criminal and civil legal investigations are conducted in a thorough, timely, and professional manner from the onset of the investigation through trial (if necessary). Lajoie Investigations is aligned with various forensic and professional experts on order to provide expert inquiry and testimony upon request.
Insurance Investigations
A complete range of all-lines insurance coverage and liability investigations are available by trained specialists with many years of on the job experience in conducting these types of investigations. Additionally, staged accidents, casualty/property and policy fraud, SIU surveillances, auto theft and garaging issues, workers detecting fraud and deception in compensation cases can be conducted. Our experienced staff can help support the insurance industry and company claims managers, supervisors, and adjusters.
Surveillance Investigations
Physical and still expert surveillances are conducted by our highly qualified surveillance specialty investigators. Company personnel has in excess of 10,000 surveillance investigations completed with still and video photography obtained on 90 percent of all surveillances. Surveillance equipment includes the latest technological advances in still and video photography including micro video cameras which can be placed in custom designed housings and utilized in still and physical surveillance operations. Three fully equipped surveillance vans are available to support all surveillance operations and 24 hour service is available.
Criminal Defense Investigations
Thorough and timely criminal investigations are available to support criminal defense attorneys. Capital felony cases are investigated such as homicide, rape and other sex offenses, kidnapping, robbery, assault, fraud, and white collar crime. Professional, up-to-date investigative techniques in order to gather the evidence necessary to support a successful criminal defense investigation is initiated and maintained throughout the investigation.
Background, Financial, and Asset Investigations
The backgrounds of individuals including their financial worth and list of assets can be determined through field inquiry, as well as through a variety of the most modern information database networks available to the investigative industry.v
Locate and Missing Person Investigations
Locating an individual can be accomplished using effective, proven field methods and is supplemented by a variety of techniques using a multitude of sources available to the company and its personnel.

Information Services
Lajoie Investigations, Inc. provides personal and public information on individuals, businesses, and corporations which provides a wealth of knowledge and information in order to support key decisions. Criminal records are available nationwide.

Statements and Interviews
Interviewing and obtaining recorded or signed written statements from witnesses, claimants, insureds, subjects, and other individuals is accomplished on a priority basis. Major areas covered include eyewitness accounts, liability questions, insurance coverage issues, reputation, character testimony, general information, and employer statements.
Corporate Investigation
Corporate investigations such as due diligence, employee dishonesty, embezzlement, sexual harassment, employee screening, drug use, and other types of investigations can be conducted upon request. The backgrounds of competing companies can be investigated and information can be obtained in order to support key corporate decisions. White collar crime and "new wave" computer criminal investigations are not new to our highly experienced corporate investigators.